Air Umbrella Uses Air to Keep Off the Rain

It doesn’t really matter what kind of umbrella you use – they’re pretty much all the same. You unstrap the velcro, hold it above your head, push the release button, and the umbrella opens up and protects you from the rain. At least that how it’s supposed to work, anyway. However, as we all know by now, what something is “supposed to do” isn’t what it always does. For instance, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used an umbrella in heavy winds and rain only to have it flip itself inside out and begin to collect the water instead of repelling it. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of the umbrella, wouldn’t you say? Another slight problem are the little metal rods that give the umbrella its stability – have you ever had one of those things poke through the fabric? Yeah, it’s not fun. Thankfully, there are some smart folks on Kickstarter who are trying to change the face of the umbrella. What they’ve come up with is the Air Umbrella, and it is exactly what it sounds like – an umbrella that uses air to keep all of the rain off of you. Only the actual “umbrella” is invisible, and honestly, it looks more like an extended microphone than an umbrella.

Air Umbrella Uses Air To Keep Off The Rain

Using a special motor and a fan, the Air Umbrella is able to capture air flow and then send it upward to make an invisible “umbrella” above the user, protecting them from the moisture. Here’s the bad part – the battery life of the device is nothing to write home about. Of the 3 models of the Air Umbrella, the longest battery life you’ll get only lasts for about a half an hour, so hopefully you’ll not be making a multi-mile trek while you’re using it.

It has met its Kickstarter goal with 4 days to go.


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