Asia Gets 30% Speed Bump Thanks to New Google Servers

Google users in Asia are about to enjoy faster Google Services thanks to the new data centers being constructed in the region. Currently, Google has 10 data centers scattered around the world with 7 located in the United States and the other 3 located in Belgium, Finland and Ireland. With 3 new servers being put up in Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, this will bring Google’s total data center count to 13.

Asia Gets 30% Speed Bump Thanks to New Google Servers

Construction of the new data centers, said to have a total worth of $700 million, was started back in 2011 with the first servers located in Singapore estimated to be completed and go live early this year. The server in the Taiwan facility is also expected go on limited testing by the second half of the year, but there is still no news as to when the Hong Kong data center is projected to be finished.

Even with just two of the three servers up and running Asian users can already look forward to a marked increase in the speed of Google services. This is welcome news to a market where YouTube loading times can be really frustrating and the fun in using effects on Google+ Hangouts is often spoiled by the freezing app. With all three new servers Asian users can expect speeds to be at par with what the Europe users are accustomed to. Of course that will still depend on each user’s internet connection speeds, but will at least not be limited by the lack of proximity to data centers, which is believed to significantly impact the speed of data access over the internet.

According to the Economic Times Google is targeting to invest more in India in the coming years since “India is one of the largest markets for Google, with over 100 million users.” In fact, Google Head of Products in India, Lalitesh Katragadda, has emphasized the importance of the country in Google’s future plans by saying, “More people from India are coming online every day and this is an important market as Google looks to bring the next one billion online … We plan to invest disproportionately in India in the coming months and years.” What this means for the rest of Asia is that they can look forward to reaping the benefits of Google’s focus on capturing an even bigger market in India.

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