Australian With First iPhone 6 Drops It Right After Buying

I’ve never bought an iPhone on release day as I don’t think I’d be able to handle all of the crowds and the excitement, but those things don’t stop tons of others from lining up at Apple stores all over the world each time a new iPhone is released. One guy’s purchase is receiving quite a bit attention from the news media, though, and it’s not because of anything good, either. The man, named Jack, was apparently the first person in Australia to purchase the iPhone 6, and as they were everywhere that day it seemed, the news was there to get it all on video. As Jack is unboxing the phone for the world to see, he immediately fumbles with it and drops it on the ground – to the shock of himself and everyone else around. Check out the video for yourself:

It doesn’t get much worse than that – you get exited for something, and then you drop it right there in front of the whole world. Hopefully not too many people were watching. Luckily for Jack, it seemed like his iPhone 6 didn’t have much (if any) noticeable damage from the fall. Hopefully he purchased the insurance. It really is too bad, though, that Apple decided not to go with the sapphire screens for their newest iPhones.

Australian With First iPhone 6 Drops It Right After Buying

Have you ever dropped a phone right after purchasing it?


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