MasterCard to Come with Biometric Sensor

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The pairing of iPhone 6 & NFC is great news for iPhone users, albeit a little behind the times, as some Android models have had this tech for a while now. But what about more standard methods of payment, like credit cards? Sure contactless payments are great for small purchases aren’t they? But are they as […]

Hackers Put Snapchat Pictures Online

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It’s not been a good past couple of days for Snapchat or their users. Approximately 200,000 photos which users thought had been deleted have reportedly been put online by hackers, some of them believed to have been of nude underage children, since half of Snapchat’s users are between the ages of 13 and 17. It’s […]

Google 64Bit Android L Dev Emulator Image Released

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Google has just released the x86 64-bit Android L developer preview emulator image.  This allows developers to begin testing their 64-bit apps. Building 64-bit apps on an Android platform enables developers to access more addressable memory space, a bigger number of registers and new instruction sets. Google elaborated on the news: Apps built in Java will automatically […]

Secret App Hacked, Reveals Anonymous Identities

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Secret is a new hit US mobile app, based on the idea of Twitter and Instagram, without the profile, name or any identity. This allows users on Secret to expose different “secrets” that they would otherwise never speak about on the Internet. Like most cases with anonymity, Secret has become well liked by people who […]

Flappy Bird is Coming Back in August!

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If you’re like many mobile gamers, you played the phenomenon known as Flappy Bird. Many times. And you probably got so frustrated by it that you wanted to “flap” your phone across the room. The game became so popular it was earning its creator, Dong Nguyen, somewhere around $50,000 a day. And then, at the height […]

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