Free School to Teach Using Gaming Principles

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Veteran of British games industry, Ian Livingstone, has officially applied to open a free school with the lessons being built using video gaming. Mr Livingstone is most famous for being known as the man behind epic gaming franchises of Tomb Raider and Warhammer. If the application is successful, the school could open in 2016, would […]

World’s First 5GHz CPU From AMD

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AMD has announced the release of the first 5GHz CPU; they’ve called it the FX-9590. In a statement accompanying the announcement at E3 2013 in Los Angeles, Bernd Lienhard (corporate vice president and general manager, Client Products Division at AMD) said “The new FX 5GHz processor is an emphatic performance statement to the most demanding gamers seeking […]

Facebook Games Go Hardcore

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Facebook games have always catered mostly to families. The gaming options are vast, including casino games such as Texas Holdem Poker, hidden object games like Hidden Chronicles, puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, and the family and farming games like Café Land and of course the infamous Farmville. Yet even with the endless options, there […]

Grand Theft Auto V Release Pushed Back Until September


Originally set to release in the spring, Rockstar Games’ new Grand Theft Auto V has announced that they are pushing back the date. September 17th is the new release date to allow more time for development and the perfection of game details. Although many gamers are disappointed by the delay, Rockstar is apologetic and has […]

Game Industry Defends Links to Real World Violence


Video games, movies and TV have always been under a lot of criticism for contributing to violent crime. After last month’s shooting at a Newtown, Conn. Elementary School, Vice President Joe Biden was appointed to lead a task force against gun violence. On Tuesday, he is to present a package of recommendations addressing how to […]

Can Gaming Change the Business World?


Over 40 percent of US consumers play video games at least once in a month.  That statistic is likely to increase with the increase in use of smartphones and tablets.  This presents new opportunities for businesses not usually associated with gaming to find unique ways to interest their customers.   “Gamification” is a term used […]