Ebay Advise Users To Change Their Password Due To Hack

eBay has been compromised!  It seems someone has hacked into the system and account users have been asked to change passwords in order to ensure personal accounts remain safe and secure.

At the end of February and early part of March, eBay employees were compromised when log-in details were hacked.  Data theft and the current hack happened because of this infiltration.  The hacker was able to enter the company’s corporate network thus entering the database.  Within the database, was valuable information.  For instance, hackers could see customer names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, date of birth and passwords.Ebay Advise Users To Change Their Password Due To Hack

There has been extensive tests to see if any unauthorised activity or illegal access to credit card information and other financial information has been undertaken but so far, nothing has come to light.  But because of hackers’access to databases, eBay is getting all users to change passwords in order to make sure no sensitive information is shared or stolen.

eBay account users should expect to receive an email asking them to change passwords.  There will also be marketing and site message updates in order to inform as many customers of eBay as possible.  Authorities have been contacted and eBay is working with them to track down the hackers; however, nothing has turned up as yet.  There is not much information they have to go on either.

For over two months, hackers have had customers’details and personal information yet they have waited a long time to inform the public.  What is going on?  Why wait so long to tell people what is going on?  Is eBay not overly worried about this breech of sensitive information?  We shall have to wait and see!

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