Flappy Bird is Coming Back in August!

If you’re like many mobile gamers, you played the phenomenon known as Flappy Bird. Many times. And you probably got so frustrated by it that you wanted to “flap” your phone across the room. The game became so popular it was earning its creator, Dong Nguyen, somewhere around $50,000 a day. And then, at the height of the game’s popularity, Nguyen abruptly removed the game from app stores. Many have differing ideas as to why he decided to take the game off the market, but Nguyen states he thought the game was becoming way too addictive for people, and he didn’t want to be known for such a thing.

In what will surely be good news for gamers who didn’t have the game on their phone before it was removed from app stores, Nguyen has announced that he is once more making the game available for mobile gamers. And while we’re not one-hundred percent sure as to when it will be available, signs point to around the month of August.

Flappy Birds Is Coming Back In August!

Get Ready To Be Addicted Once Again!

Actually, Nguyen hopes that is not the case at all. While it will still offer the same type of gameplay, he has also announced there will be some kind of a multiplayer component which will make it less addictive than the original Flappy Bird. We will have to wait and see what exactly that means. One thing is for sure, though – I have no doubt Flappy Birds will once again race to the top of the charts.

Will you be downloading it once it’s (re)released?

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