IE10 Finally Coming to Windows 7

“Friends don’t let friends use internet explorer,” is a popular phrase in the meme world, but that can change when Microsoft finally releases Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7. Although the beta version (Internet Explorer 10 preview for Windows 7) was introduced last November, the final build is yet to see the light of day. However, recently Microsoft has sent private e-mail messages to select testers, asking them to notify Microsoft in case of any issues with the preview version.

The message also says that no date can yet be announced for the release of the final build, but the select testers should hurry up in case they have something to report. This means that the product has entered its final stages, and will be released soon.

In a highly competitive and somewhat saturated market, where the likes of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are always competing for greater market share, the Internet Explorer 10 could provide Microsoft with a much needed advantage.

The IE10 has already been bundled with Windows 8 and Windows RT, but it has never come together for Windows 7. Initially a test build was introduced to users in 2011, and then an improved test build was introduced in 2012. Judging from the email, the final build could come out any time during the next couple of months. However, these are speculations.

IE10 Finally Coming to Windows 7

Since internet explorer is already fully functional in Windows 8, the delay in its release for Windows 7 can be attributed to the difference between the technologies used in both Windows. Windows 7 would require several updated APIs that will have to be ported from Windows 8, before it can support Internet Explorer 10. Two of those APIs (Direct2D accelerated drawing API and the DirectWrite text API) are still in beta versions and will have to be made available in their final builds before IE10 is released.

We will keep you updated as more news come in, for now the final release can be expected in a couple of months.

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