Cybersecurity Executive Order Expected in February

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Big changes are coming in regards to cybersecurity in the United States.  Expectations are such that President Barack Obama will soon be issuing a long awaited cybersecurity executive order.  It is thought that the executive order will result in a voluntary program that would set a uniform minimum security standard.  The government issued security standards […]

Windows 8 is Adopted by More Users in January

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The newest numbers show that more and more people are making the switch to Windows 8.  According to the latest numbers released by analytics firm Net Applications, the Windows 8 adoption rate increased by over 30 percent in January.  The increase in adoption is perhaps not surprising, as  the Windows 8 release, which occurred more […]

Facebook Games Go Hardcore

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Facebook games have always catered mostly to families. The gaming options are vast, including casino games such as Texas Holdem Poker, hidden object games like Hidden Chronicles, puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, and the family and farming games like Café Land and of course the infamous Farmville. Yet even with the endless options, there […]

YouTube Launching Paid Subscription Channels

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Coming this spring, YouTube will be adding experimental, premium subscription channels which viewers will pay for. The subscription fees will initially range from $1 to $5 a month. YouTube has called on a group of unconfirmed channel producers to create purchasable channels for viewers. For those of you who are nervous or skeptical about this […]

Be A Green Techie With ecoATM


Last year, the United Nations declared that there were six billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world. That number is almost the same as the world’s entire population, which is nearly seven billion people. While that certainly does not mean that almost every individual on earth owns a mobile phone, the figure still gives us […]

How to Deal With a Social Media Hoax

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Due to social networking and the internet, many people have become citizen journalists, sometimes given first-hand accounts of stories and offering perspectives that many mainstream journalist’s cannot.   This is revolutionary in today’s day and age of instant news broadcast and information, but does have its drawbacks.  Citizen journalism does not necessarily equal responsible journalism. From […]

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