Google 64Bit Android L Dev Emulator Image Released

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Google has just released the x86 64-bit Android L developer preview emulator image.  This allows developers to begin testing their 64-bit apps. Building 64-bit apps on an Android platform enables developers to access more addressable memory space, a bigger number of registers and new instruction sets. Google elaborated on the news: Apps built in Java will automatically […]

Free School to Teach Using Gaming Principles

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Veteran of British games industry, Ian Livingstone, has officially applied to open a free school with the lessons being built using video gaming. Mr Livingstone is most famous for being known as the man behind epic gaming franchises of Tomb Raider and Warhammer. If the application is successful, the school could open in 2016, would […]

Amazon is Opening an Actual Store in NYC

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For just about as long as I can remember, since I’ve been using the internet, there has been I really can’t remember a time without it, that’s how big it is. Of course when I first started using it, I mainly used it to only purchase books, but now, a person can seriously buy […]

Media Player Classic Home Cinema Updated

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Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a media player for the Windows platform, which providesclean and crisp video playback. Although there are plenty of media players out there, this application is a free utility that is light-weight and easy to use with a simple interface. Media Player Classic Home Cinema key features include: Built-in codecs for […]

Windows 10 Announced by Microsoft in San Francisco

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Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10, not Windows 9 like most people were expecting. It looks to be a rather big update and at the event in San Francisco, Microsoft only revealed small parts of the new update. Windows 10 will be available for all types of devices, anything from a four-inch smartphone to an […]

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