Ebay Advise Users To Change Their Password Due To Hack

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eBay has been compromised!  It seems someone has hacked into the system and account users have been asked to change passwords in order to ensure personal accounts remain safe and secure. At the end of February and early part of March, eBay employees were compromised when log-in details were hacked.  Data theft and the current […]

Flappy Bird is Coming Back in August!

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If you’re like many mobile gamers, you played the phenomenon known as Flappy Bird. Many times. And you probably got so frustrated by it that you wanted to “flap” your phone across the room. The game became so popular it was earning its creator, Dong Nguyen, somewhere around $50,000 a day. And then, at the height […]

3D Printed Liver Cleans Blood

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The field of 3D printing is growing rapidly and in some respects it is achieving things that just wouldn’t have been possible a number of years ago.  Nanoengineers at the University of California in San Diego, US have recently developed a 3D-printed device that closely resembles the human liver.  It is designed to remove dangerous […]

ATM’s Could Soon Spray Thieves With Hot Liquid Chemicals

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It seems like I’ve seen a lot of news items lately regarding ATM’s getting robbed all over the world. While they may seem like a pretty tempting target for criminals since they don’t fight back or give them any “real” trouble, ATM’s might not be so simple to break into in the future. It turns […]

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